Intros SynthInvent Layout Software has introduced a free new Windows app designed to help you design modular synths using the company’s modules:

SynthInvent is a free program that allows you to experiment with synthesizer system configurations by simply dragging and dropping modules into cabinets. Systems can be saved and shared, exported to a spreadsheet, or made into a web page.

Useful – but I’d rather see some them come out with some exciting new modules.


  • Easy to learn and fun to use
  • Select from any style of cabinet, up to 9 per system
  • Drag and drop modules into cabinets effortlessly
  • Add controllers, patch cords, etc.
  • View front or back of cabinets
  • Show modules as pictures or as function text
  • Automatically totals price as you add/remove products
  • Automatically adds power components if desired
  • Calculates power supply and consumption
  • Save and recall system configurations
  • Start with a standard system or create your own from scratch
  • Produces a complete product listing with pricing and shipping weight
  • Creates a web page (HTML) of your custom system
  • Exports product listing to a spreadsheet program

System Requirements

  • The current version of SynthInvent runs on a Windows PC running XP
  • SynthInvent will probably run on Vista, 98, ME, 2000 also
  • Your monitor must be at least 1024 pixels wide
  • A mouse or other pointing device
  • Microsoft .Net framework V2 (Already on many modern Windows computers)
  • 2 MB hard disk space

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