Voltage Controlled Digital Signal Processor

Tiptop Audio has introduced the Z5000 voltage controlled digital signal processor.

I’ve been talking for a couple months about how Eurorack is where the modular action is now at – and this may push me over the edge……


The z5000 is an analog-controlled digital module with a powerful dsp engine running 16 fft algorithms of 24-bit digital audio.

The z5000 is designed to make post-processing modular synth sound in both mono and stereo easy. The z5000 is designed to handle “hot” modular signals with up to 16vpp of headroom before clipping, It can be integrated into a system like any other module.


  • 13 voltage-controlled stereo effects
  • 16 total effects
  • custom fft programs running on tiptop audio dsp core at a resolution of 24 bits at 48khz
  • specially designed for modular synthesizer signal level inputs and outputs
  • independent gain level light for each input

4 input/output combinations:

  • stereo in to stereo out
  • stereo in to mono out
  • mono in to mono out
  • mono in to stereo out

Input / output gain control

  • wet / dry control
  • effects parameter control
  • effects parameter cv control

Mechanical specifications:

  • format – eurorack
  • width – 14hp / 71mm / 2.8”
  • depth – 84mm / 3.3”

Electrical specifications:

  • dynamic range, snr – 97db
  • thd+n – -88 db
  • frequency response – 20hz to 16khz
  • maximum audio input level – 16vpp (before clipping)
  • maximum audio output level (dry/wet) – rail / input
  • cv input range – 0v – 5v
  • power – +/-12v or +/-15v
  • current – 160ma

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