Sound Library Features Noises Of The Human Body. No! Not Those Noises!

SONiVOX MI has released Anatomy, a sample library for Kontakt that features exclusively human body sounds.

Anatomy offers over eight-hundred instruments that “twist and transform the human body into one expansive collection of physiological melody and rhythm. Anatomy sonically explores the human condition in ways never dared attempted previously, delivering you a deep, diverse & rich new palette of sonic colors and textures.”

While the marketing copy for this may be a little over the top, the library looks like it’s actually pretty cool.

All instruments included in Anatomy are separated into the following two categories.

  • Man: Raw and organic samples straight from the source.
  • Machine: Effected and manipulated interpretations.

Both categories feature the following instrument sub-categories:

  • Beat Box Kits: Over 50 unique kits with a massive tool box of additional kicks and snares for even more flexibility. Boston beat box guru Steve Foxx stepped up to the mic and laid down an array of sound that the SONiVOX design team edited and programmed into patches.
  • Vocal Pads and Leads: Over 100 Vocal pads and leads, from the ethereal tones of Tibetan tuvan throat singing to humming and whistling.
  • Body Percussion: Snaps, claps, foot stomps, and heartbeats.
  • Vocal FX: Blips, burps, gurgles, growls, groans, and nostril snorts. Laughing, moaning, and simulated emotional breakdowns.
  • Choirs: A complement of male and female choirs and choral groups with a variety of articulations and programming variations. Ethereal voices and intimate utterings.

Anatomy is available now for $219 USD.

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