Steampunk Electrochemical Synthesiser

Not sure what to make of this – pask present has created a sort of steampunk electrochemical synthesizer:

Pressing a key causes salt solution to flow over a copper and aluminium connection, generating a low signal which is filtered by a capacitor and then amplified, creating a complex white noise, with amazing fluctuating oscillations.

The device demonstrates how complexity can be generated using simple “analogue” and wet components.

The inspiration for the synthesiser came from the website “Peculiar sounds from Aluminium ” by Nyle Steiner.

One thought on “Steampunk Electrochemical Synthesiser

  1. Hi! Can you please send me the schematic you used on this synthesizer? I’m talking about the electronic board on the back side. I’m doing this with differents solutions in “Universidad de Chile” but I can’t do the amplifier step.

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