5 thoughts on “Nine Inch Nails Gay Disco Discipline Video

  1. Am I alone in thinking NIN songs like this are annoyingly plain? A room full of vintage synths and this is all they can do?

    At least Closer sounded like an original piece of music featuring some synthesizers. This sounds like at least three other recent NIN songs I can think of. I downloaded several of the tracks from the previous album as Garageband projects to try some remixes (good idea, that) but then decided not to after listening to said songs – they’re lifeless and boring. Just like this one.

    NIN needs to ditch the fuzzy guitar loops and get back to the electronica that made it worth listening to.

  2. It definitely sounds like NIN – but it’s supposed to, right?

    I like that they’re playing up the disco/glam aspect of their music – it’s almost a bit like Goldfrapp.

  3. Well, there’s sounding like your band sounds and there’s repeating the same song over and over again, and NIN is falling into the latter category of late.

    Perhaps I’m being overly critical, but when you’re a synth music pioneer of sorts, it’s a disappointment to lapse into this grungy guitar loop blandness.

  4. I think what Nine Inch Nails has put out recently- Year Zero and The Slip are anything, but bland! Its amazing- you should really go back and have another listen and if you still feel the same fair– and I say this because for me no matter how many times I hear a Nine Inch Nails song there is always something new to love about the song. And I truly admire their talent and Trent’s continuing passion for his art. Check out the HD footage of the Lights In The Sky tour- its amazing- the concert at Red Rocks was awesome!! Anyways <3 NIN!!

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