Hamster Plays Bizarre Opal Sonome MIDI Keyboard

Hamster Sammy enjoys improvising on an Opal Sonome:

She gives herself a little wash and clean while holding down a minor 9th chord! The plastic sphere is her means of transport while chasing humans across the kitchen floor, her equivalent to a skateboard or bike.

The Opal Sonome looks substantially similar to the C-Thru Axis that we saw at the 2007 NAMM Show.

Does anybody have any information on the history of these two keyboards?

via deviantsynth

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  1. The first working model of this keyboard using the melodic table note pattern was built in 1992. Due to the absence of funding, subsequent prototypes appeared only occasionally over the next decade or so, built by enthusiasts who loved the concept. Then from about 2003-2005 the Opal and Axis models were produced, the 2 models being the products of 2 different organisations each having their individual approach to the immense challenge of building a new instrument. More details can be found on this ‘History’ page, which is due to be updated when I get the time!

    Peter Davies

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