Pacemaker Portable DJ Machine Review

Tonium Pacemaker has a review of the Tonium Pacemaker Portable DJ Machine, and decides it’s cool, but an expensive toy:

The Tonium Pacemaker may be modeled after the idiot-proof iPod, but taking advantage of all the features on the Pacemaker requires an inordinate amount of button pushing. Fiddling around with it while sober requires a certain amount of dexterity — it’s easy to tap the wrong track. Tough to imagine trying to queue up and mix in bar lighting after a few drinks.

Ultimately, it’s a cool toy to play around with but not exactly the life of the party.

WIRED Beautifully engineered; looks like the gorgeous byproduct of a mind-meld between Jonathan Ive and Walter de’Silva. 120 GB memory. Battery holds enough juice for five hours of mix-and-play time.

TIRED Doesn’t act like an iPod. Complicated menu and mixing options make the device not very a practical instrument. $800 could buy you a round-trip ticket to Spain, Berlin or some other hotbed of electronic music.

Have you given the Pacemaker a spin yet? If so, let me know what you think in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Pacemaker Portable DJ Machine Review

  1. I had one, premier edition #5 in fact. Ultimately I ended up returning it. However, it wasn’t really because I wasn’t pleased with the device. On the other hand it was a super cool gadget. The thing is that I’m not really a DJ (I’m more into production) and for $800 getting Max/MSP 5 makes more sense for me. That’s why I returned it. If it had been a bit cheaper I probably would have kept it just because it was a really cool gadget.

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