Wireless Mobile DJ MP3 Controller

Hercules Mobile DJ MP3, a prosumer-style digital DJ controller, is now available for $99.99, in black or white.

While it’s a consumer-oriented product, it looks like it provides a lot of functionality for the price.

The mixer is powered by two C batteries and has a dual LCD display that lets you pick tracks and mix them, away from the computer. The Mobile DJ MP3 includes two decks for mixing, scratching and synchronizing the MP3 or WAV files stored on the PC.

Additionally, the mini-controller includes two jog wheels emulating two vinyl/cd decks for scrolling through tracks quickly and scratching, a cross fader slider that allows quick transition from deck to the other deck and two volume sliders, four sound and effect buttons per deck, pitch sliders and 25 control buttons.

Plug in the USB radio receiver key for wireless connectivity. The wireless and handheld Mobile DJ MP3 requires a computer equipped with a sound card, amplified speakers and your music (CD-Audio or MP3, WAV or WMA files). DJing software is included.

4 thoughts on “Wireless Mobile DJ MP3 Controller

  1. jon – you’re right – thanks for bringing that up.

    Here are the specs:

    Minimum configuration

    Desktop or laptop PC
    P3 / Athlon® 800MHz & higher
    USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 port
    256MB RAM & higher
    100MB hard disk space
    Windows® XP SP2
    Sound card with amplified stereo speakers/headphones

    Hercules is in the doghouse until they get their Mac act up to snuff!

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