Free New Nine Inch Nails Track

There’s a new free Nine Inch Nails single, Echoplex, that they are distributing via iLike.

NIN has become the band to watch, if you’re interested in the future of music:

  • The group recently released Ghosts I-IV under a Creative Commons license, which means you can share it or use it in your podcast,
  • The group offers an extensive collection of user-generated NIN remix podcasts.
  • NIN also is encouraging fans to make and share videos for the group’s tracks.

One thought on “Free New Nine Inch Nails Track

  1. i have been a fan of nin for a very long time and i am eagerly awaiting the physical release of the slip. i am sure your out look of this new release will not do it justice. Trent has captivated me with every emotion he has shared with us all. He is one of the very rare that can put his soul in everything he does for us to bare witness to.

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