Will Movement 2008 Be Three Times As Big As 2008?

DEMF Main Stage

Paxahau, producers of Movement 08 – Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival, hasannounced that ticket sales have tripled and volunteer interest and staff has more than doubled compared to 2007.

To date, Paxahau has 235 volunteers to work this year’s festival, which is up from last year’s 115. More than 40 of the volunteers are from out of state, and Paxahau expects to max out volunteers at 250 shortly, and will then rollover volunteers beyond 250 to staff the 2009 festival.

Additionally, festival ticket sales are triple of what they were at this time last year.

With an improved line-up, better organization and three times the early ticket sales – could the Detroit Electronic Music Festival be three times as big as it has been in the past?

“We truly believe that this year’s increased interest, on all levels, is a direct result of our work to continually upgrade the festival experience, from the artist line-up to the drastically enhanced sound systems as well as weatherproofed staging,” stated Jason Huvaere, festival director.

Last year, volunteers surveyed more than 700 festival attendees gathering information including: age, male/female, zip code, general mood, and reaction to artist line-up. The survey provided feedback that attendees wanted to see more commercially recognized artists.

As a result, this year’s festival includes successful electronic artists including: Moby, Dubfire, and Benny Benassi. The survey also revealed many of those surveyed did not even know what artists were scheduled to perform the day they were surveyed.

Huvaere added, “It shows fans are here for the experience that only the festival can provide.”

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  1. I don’t believe there is a job better suited for an e-tard than that of taking surveys. I had such a good time 🙂
    <3 D.E.M.F.

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