Korg DS-10 Update

CNet Asia reports that the Korg DS-10, the software synth for the Nintendo DS, should be available in Japan in July:

The original MS-10 (price 53,500 yen in 1978; US$300 then) was a monophonic, single oscillator job. DS-10 simulator works as two synthesizers (each of them, dual-oscillator affair), since Nintendo DS has dual-screen, upper and lower.

Adding to this two tracks (or two synthesizers), four tracks of drum machine sounds have been built-in. Altogether, DS-10 can be treated as six tracks, 16-step synthesizer/sequencer. Maximum, tune of 99 phrases long can be produced.

Three ways of note entry input: Touch-control screen, keyboard screen, and X-Y matrix screen. All three of them controlled by DS stylus.

Variable resistor nobs and patch panel wiring, too, are easily controlled by a stylus. Sound effect modification has three modes: Delay, chorus, and flanger. Controllable on mixer screen. Only drag is the sound output. DS’ line output is rather feeble and full of noise, but no midi-in/out are possible. Sure, restriction from the DS platform, a revenge of hardware!

Already, thousands of DTM freaks have queued up in Japan to get Korg DS-10. Their waiting will be rather long. Release date, July 24, 2008, and only at Amazon Japan (amazon.co.jp). Only consolation would be its price tag, just 4,800 yen (US$46), very much affordable for everybody with Nintendo DS already in his hand.

No word still on a US or European release date.

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