Turn Your Home Into A Nightclub

Disco Designer wants to turn your home into a friggin’ nightclub – and they’ve got the technology to do it.

For better or worse, electronic music and cool lighting shows go hand in hand.

Check out these videos and tell me if you don’t think you need some of this in your private hedonistic techno hideway!

If any readers have created their own home nightclubs, put a link in the comments or let me know about it!

9 thoughts on “Turn Your Home Into A Nightclub

  1. I already have a special room (well, the basement) for my music/computer/etc., that pretty much has a crapload of stupid lights & things. I’d love to have a light organ on the floor in there though, that would be awesome. But not in the living room. 🙂

  2. hi
    we used this stuff in a club in Melbourne (Australia) over an arched ceiling and it really is spectacular. I would love to have this stuff in my house and its even sexy to look at it when its turned off, a sort of silver mirrored dome, very 70’s retro cool 🙂

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