Radionomy Lets You Create Free Web Radio Station

Radionomy, a Belgian startup, is a site that lets you create a free, ad-supported Web radio station

The site, now in beta testing, is designed to make creating a Web radio station trivial, letting you browse through vast music, jingle and content libraries made available by Radionomy. You can also integrate your own musical creations or recordings.

Radionomy also supports a variety of social networking features, including tagging, embed code and station sharing. Here’s an example embed:

Radionomy broadcasts your station free of charge and bears all the costs, including copyrights. Radionomy is supported through audio ads broadcast with the stations. Radionomy offers a revenue share based on your station’s audience.

The name Radionomy come from the merger of two concepts: Radio + Autonomy. The founders of Radionomy thought that Internauts should be able to create radio with full autonomy.

5 thoughts on “Radionomy Lets You Create Free Web Radio Station

  1. I came upon this site while looking for a place to be able to post podcast of shows that I had done on other sites, but was limited on how much space I use. While looking through, I figured that this would be a great place to be able to upload them and to be able to have them play back-to-back. After some difficulty in trying to do that, I started to simply give up and move on, but I started looking around and decided to try and figure out how to create a station using there library.
    Things aren’t easy to do at first, and the help videos that they provide don’t tell you how to get the station playing in the end, but they are helpful in other areas. The manual that they have is very helpful, but could be better, as it is easy to see by things on the website and in the manual that American English is not the first language of those who put it together.
    If you aren’t coming to this site with an audience already from another site, they don’t give a person enough time to build one in order to meet there requirements to keep your show up and running, and you must keep certain levels.
    They have Help Forums, but finding them is impossible to find on the site. They could just easily put a link to them at the bottom of the page where they have links to other things, but for some strange reason they don’t seem to want for you to find them, and when you do contact them with a problem, they say that you should check the forums. I found the Forums by using Google.
    Once you do get past the learning curve that you will have to deal with, the site becomes easy to use, as you have the ability to have the site create random play list, or you can create your own play list. You can pick how often something is available to play, even down to during what hours and/or even which days you want for something to run.
    If you are wanting to do a show through Sam broadcasting or WinAmp or another broadcasting software, you have the ability to to do it through the site.
    If you are new to Internet broadcasting and wanting to do a show, try Spreaker or BlogTalkRadio or Live365 first to get your feet wet, then come back and give this place a try.

    1) This isn’t a site to use if this is going to be your first Internet radio show as there is a learning curve
    2) Finding the Forums is difficult to find
    3) No buttons to push to be able to promo your station on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/etc.
    4) They don’t give you enough time to really build an audience before threatening to pull the plug on your show

    1) EXCELLENT Library of music to be able to use
    2) Once you figure things out, it becomes easy to program your channel
    3) The ability to upload your own mp3 files
    4) The Ability to program how often an artist/promo/etc runs
    5) The ability to be able to program the order in which things run

  2. A month into my station, Psychedelic Bee Gees, and a google search of just that brings up my stations site on Radionomy. The sound is good and their auto playlist generator is good. I may fail to get enough listeners, but I lived my dream of being a radio station PD. Got to <3 Radionomy for giving me the break. Merci dudes! 😉

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