Livid Shipping Awesome DJ, VJ Controller

Livid Ohm Wood

Livid is now shipping the awesome Ohm DJ & VJ control surface.

While the Tenori-On and other new control surfaces look cool, the Livid Ohm combines great looks with an intelligent combination of switches and continuou controllers. The only way it could be more awesome would be if the center buttons were a 16 x 8 matrix of pressure sensitive pads.

But then it would cost $1,600, instead of a fairly reasonable $790.

Ohm is a high-quality MIDI instrument designed for real-time audio and video performance. It’s backlit for use in any environment, and comes in rugged rackmount metal or handcrafted mahogany.

Ohm’s LED backlit controls feature a thirty-six button clip bank, onboard function controls, effect mute buttons, BPM tap, high-quality faders and knobs, and a DJ-style crossfader. Livid’s two-handed layout with a center button array is ergonomically designed for multichannel performance.

Here are the details….


Ohm provides both MIDI out and USB connectivity. The control layout was not only designed as the most comprehensive controller for VJ software, but was inspired by some of the most innovative and popular audio software programs like Ableton Live, and FL Studio. Ohm also makes an ideal companion for hardware such as analog synthesizers, video mixers, DJ software, lighting equipment, and other musical instruments.


Ohm includes a free, fully functional copy of the all-new Livid Union 2.5 VJ software, completely integrated to match the controls of the instrument. Also included are demos of audio applications like Ableton Live & FL Studio demo.


  • Professional-grade controls
  • LED back lighting with on/off switch
  • 36 Button Clip Bank note pad
  • 9 function buttons
  • 8 slider trigger/mute buttons
  • 8 High quality faders
  • 1 DJ style crossfader
  • 10 rotary dials
  • BPM tap button
  • 5 PIN MIDI out
  • USB connection
  • 12v DC (use included adapter)
  • Compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn
  • Livid Union 2.5 VJ Software Included Free
  • Other Software Included: Ableton Live Demo, FL Studio Demo, AMG One Demo.

Ohm – Wood

  • 6 lbs.
  • 17.6(L) x 10.5(W) x 1.5(H)

Ohm – Metal

  • 8 lbs.
  • 19(L) x 8.73(W) x 2.5(H)

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