Analogue Solution’s New Keyboard Synthesizer

Analogue Solutions has announced a new keyboard synthesizer, prototype photo above, the Leipzig-K:

LEIPZIG-k … coming soon. Keyboard Leipzig with extra functions, like 2nd LFO, LCD editing (of MIDI setup), CV/Gate/CV2 inputs & outputs on rear panel, and more! (Above) is first prototype metalwork, the wooden side panels are missing!

Production model will be BLACK, but if you prepay you I might give you a choice of limited edition coloured editions!

Expect the price to be around £799 exc. VAT and delivery.

I’ve got a classic Sequential Circuits Pro-One monophonic synth, but it’s got its share of quirks.  It’s great to see another nice new analog synth; a lot of vintage synths are getting creaky and there’s a lot to say for new electronics.

via Oliver Chesler

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