Remix Paul Van Dyk

Germany’s Paul van Dyk is looking for producers to remix his track with Giuseppe Ottaviani, Far Away, on Beatport.

The remix competition is open to producers from all genres, as van Dyk is looking for innovative, cutting-edge and thought-provoking mixes of his track.

You can download two of the track’s parts for remixing for free. To get all the parts, it costs $3.99.

I’m ambivalent about these remix contests where you basically have to pay to take part in them. While it may be another opportunity for van Dyk to make a little money, it seems like he’s asking some of his biggest fans to pay to promote his music.

van Dyk would probably get a lot more mileage out of this sort of competition if he’d release the remix parts for free, like NIN has done, and get a lot more people interested in making remixes.

2 thoughts on “Remix Paul Van Dyk

  1. Why does one have to pay for remix the remix parts?
    This is not a common occurance, I understand why one should pay for the original track but not its various parts. Lets face it, the track is’nt exactly platinum material here.
    This makes me (a devoted PVD fan) question Pauls motives on this one. Even if we put in the time and effort we stand to lose all the royalties involved. The only thing we gain is recognition.
    But maybe thats not such a bad thing after all.
    I’m still disappointed by his decision. He obviously does’nt trust his fans with an inch.

  2. It seems a little scammy – and I bet the artists that give them up for free get a lot more remixes and a lot more publicity.

    Maybe this is the way to go if you’re a superstar DJ, though!

    We’ll never know!

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