Humanoid Sound Systems releases Scanned Synth Pro 2

Humanoid Sound Systems Releases Scanned Synth ProHumanoid Sound Systems has released Scanned Synth Pro 2, a synth designed to create rich complex digital tones and sound effects.

Changes in Scanned Synth Pro 2

  • New GUI design
  • New presets
  • An audio input that can be used to feed Scanned Synth Pro’s hammer and mass shapes making its sound even more dynamic
  • An envelope follower that follows the level of the audio input and can be used to modulate the synth’s parameters
  • A Danger Switch for extra nastiness
  • Context-sensitive help
  • The facility to load and save fxp and fxb files from within the plugin
  • Improved sound quality and host support

Any synth, hard or soft, with a “Danger Switch” is worth checking out, in my book.

Scanned Synth Pro 2 is available for Windows PC and costs 60 EUR. (Registered users of version 1 can upgrade to version 2 for free).

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