Cool Custom Mod Wheels

Remember Synthwood – the company that offers custom woodworking for synths?

They are also offering a pitch/mod wheel colorizer mod:

  • Available for the synthwood Pro-One wood case conversion kit
  • Comptabile with the DSI Prophet ’08 (shown), DSI Poly Evolver, Moog Voyager
  • User selectable colors: Red, Green, Blue, White, Violet, Yellow, Turquoise and off
  • Colors can be independently set
  • synthwood figured maple wood sides shown

These look very cool. Let me know if you’ve added these to one of your keyboards.

4 thoughts on “Cool Custom Mod Wheels

  1. I like glowy clear plastics.

    Now let’s see them take an Andromeda and make every pot, slider & wheel on that a clear, glowy one. :D~~~

  2. I sent them an email about these and never heard back – their site says ‘We’re moving – see you January 2013” – are they defunct now and is there anywhere else to get this mod?

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