Percussa AudioCubes Basics

Livid has put together a couple of cool videos demoing AudioCube basics:

Percussa Cubes Basics

Impressions and demonstration of using the Percussa Audio cubes with the tutorial Ableton Live set. The center cube detects the faces of the other cubes to send MIDI notes to Live to change loops.

Percussa Cubes with Resonant Synth

Here’s the setup:

Using the distance sensors on the audio cubes, I’m Controlling synth parameters with one cube to “shape” the sound with my hands, then using another as an “exciter” to make the sound happen by waving my hands in front. Much as a violin needs a bow to excite the string to vibrate, and a flute needs air to make its sound, this synth I programmed in Cycling ’74’s Max/MSP (based on CNMAT’s “resonators” object), relies on a virtual breeze from my hands to make sound.

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