Soniccouture Scriptorium Review

Rekkerd has a nice review of Soniccouture Scriptorium, a collection of KSP Scripts, a sound library and set of tutorial videos for Native Instruments Kontakt 2 and 3.

Initially I thought Scriptorium would re-spark my interest in writing my own KSP scripts, but I realize that Soniccouture has done a far better job than I ever could. I will certainly enjoy playing with their excellent batch of scripts for quite some time before venturing out in the wonderful world of scripting myself.
So what do I think?

Scriptorium is a comprehensive and diverse set of tools for Kontakt. With 35 scripts you are not going to learn all of Scriptorium’s secrets overnight.

While there will undoubtedly be a few scripts you’re not likely to use, this collection has gems for every Kontakt user. And it’s these gems (which will be different scripts for different users) that already justify a purchase, since you’re not likely to find these tools anywhere else.

The Scriptorium is available as a digital download and costs £49 GBP. Check the Soniccouture website for more information and audio demo.

KSP scripts are like ‘plug-ins’ for Kontakt. KSP allows you to manipulate Kontakt parameters at a microscopic level, creating new behaviours, unique timbral characters or even generative sequences.

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