Incredible Synth DIY Project: The SynthCase

Electronic Peasant has posted a great series of photos detailing his very cool SynthCase synth DIY project:

This project is the first in a series of synthesizer “multi-modules” that will be built in heavy-duty equipment road cases. A friend had passed on to me a bunch of used cases from obsolete equipment that were being disposed of, and I had a number of new synthesizer module printed circuit boards waiting to be used, so a plan to combine them together was made.

The first “SynthCase” will hold a basic patchable voltage-controlled analogue synthesizer, and subsequent expansion cases will include sequencers and other controllers, delay/chorus/phaser modules, and other signal/CV processors.

This project used recycled parts whenever possible. This included approximately 70% of the capacitors, 60% of the switches, 50% of the integrated circuits, 90% of the connectors, and all of the power supplies, regulators, wire, enclosures, and the small hardware such as screws, bolts, washers, etc.

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