Bizarre Sound Tribble #2: Sound Candy

Remember the Synthmonster – the weird sound generator that looks like a Tribble from Star Trek?

We’ve found something even more bizarre.

Sound Candy is an interactive device designed to help people “repossess the experience of creating ‘The new play’ with their own hands. It’s part Tribble and part sound toy, with just a bit of kink thrown in for good measure.

According to its designers, Sound Candy can be attached to any part of your body.

That right there was when it started sounding a bit kinky to me. But then again, I still haven’t quite gotten over the Sex, Mics & Music interview.

The device has two main functions. First, it can sample or record chunks of sound. Second, it can manipulate the recorded sounds based on signals from sensors, triggered by vibration or other movements of your body.

So users attach Sound Candy to their body or other objects and convert the recorded sounds in various ways, using on of four play modes;

  • Angle Mode
  • Vibration Mode
  • Speed Mode
  • Rotation Mode

Here’s a demo video, showing how you can have some good clean fun with the Sound Candy:

via Pixelsumo

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