The Lusso Turntable Costs More Than Your Car

The Montegiro Lusso turntable may feature three height-adjustable cones made from alternating layers of aluminum and black acrylic, paired with a central inverted cone that supports the aluminum and acrylic platter.

It may have an ultra precise synchronous motor, a 10″ Da Vinci Nobile carbon fiber arm and a Montegiro MG1 titanium cartridge.

The Lusso may even be as hot as Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Unfortunately, Lusso prices start at $47,000 (€30,000). Two of those and a mixer and you’ve got yourself a DJ setup!

via audiojunkies

One thought on “The Lusso Turntable Costs More Than Your Car

  1. thats belt driven, how many djs use belt driven tables? slim to none. how many people buy tables they dont plan to mix with? i dont know that one but i’m sure its right down there with slim to none.

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