Oforia – Arcadia

Oforia’s Arcadia is a double CD that offers a collection of remixes of Oforia’s greatest hits.

Oforia (Ofer Dikovsky) is a psytrance artist and a producer from Israel. I’ll admit that I’m not familiar with Oforia’s greatest hits, but the release is nevertheless a nice collection of aggressive, hard-hitting psytrance tracks.

Disc 1 offers 10 strong remixes, by Infected Mushroom, G.M.S, Talamasca, Atomic Pulse, Fatali, Onyx, Perplex, Insomnia & OMC vs. Slider. Disc 2 is a sort of bonus EP, a set of remixes of the track Return Of The Machines. Both discs are collections of individual tracks, not DJ mixes.

Arcadia delivers the psytrance goods. The tracks, throughout, are polished trippy trance tracks, featuring great synth work, hammering beats and interesting effects.

While Oforia uses all the standard buildup/breakdown cliches on Arcadia, ranging from octave glissandi to snare rolls, he does it really well. He uses the form as a foundation for layering on spacey sounds and hypnotic sequences to create a series of 7-8 minute long psychedelic audio trips.

The result is a perfect CD for driving in the car; every track bubbles along around 142 BPM, setting a propulsive groove, and interrupted only occasionally for breakdowns and some audio weirdness.

The only let down on the release is Unusual Game. It features a sort of new-age lite spoken word vocal sample that’s just not interesting enough to sample and reuse.

The second CD offers a collection of remixes of the track Return of the Machines. Treat this as a bonus; it’s more interesting as a comparison of remix styles than as something you’ll listen to over and over.

Track List:

1. Arcadia (Deca-Mix) – Oforia (145 Bpm)
2. Spiders – Atomic Pulse Rmx (145 Bpm)
3. Cyber Hiker – Insomnia Rmx (140 Bpm)
4. Unusual Game – Talamasca Rmx (145 Bpm)
5. Dragon Ball – O.M.C vs. Slider Rmx (145 Bpm)
6. Northern Lights – G.M.S Rmx (145 Bpm)
7. Digital Bites – Perplex Rmx (145 Bpm)
8. Beams Of The Light – Onyx Rmx (145 Bpm)
9. Headed For Infinity – Fatali Rmx (142 Bpm)
10. Millions Of Miles Away – Infected Mushroom Rmx (140 Bpm)

Oforia Ft Bwicked – Return Of The Machines EP – Track List:

1. Return Of The Machines – Time Lock Rmx (144 Bpm)
2. Return Of The Machines – Echotek Rmx (135 Bpm)
3. Return Of The Machines – Moshic Rmx (128 Bpm)
4. Return Of The Machines – Radio Edit
5. Return Of The Machines – Video Clip

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