Brain Music Update

though-controlled synthesizer

Got a brain? Then you can make music!

At the UK Aldeburgh Festival, set for June 13-29, Norwegian composer Rolf Wallin is going to be demonstrating the latest brain music action.

This isn’t like controlling modular synthesizers with mind bullets, though.

According to the Telegraph, you simply “let a skilled assistant fasten electrodes to your head, relax and enjoy a short film specially designed to stimulate your brain activity. A computer converts your brainwaves into your own very own music […] The music is performed real-time on a self-playing piano, and you can purchase a CD of your work to take away.”

Fragmented Orchestra

If that’s not enough brain music for you, the winning entry for the recent PRS New Music Award may interest you.

The Fragmented Orchestra is a music installation that aims to let us hear the human brain at work.

Digital “neuron units” will gather and process the sounds of 24 locations round the UK, ranging from a cathedral to a school playground to a dairy farm. These units will link together into a kind of virtual brain, processing the sounds and feeding the results out at the locations themselves and at FACT, Liverpool.

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