Dreamwatchers DVD Preview

This is the trailer of the upcoming Dreamwatchers DVD:

Dreamwatchers’ Tales is a common project managed by Darklion

The concept is simple. It’s a compilation album with electronic musicians from around the world.

In the year 2000 the members of the tadream mailing list in the yahoogroups decided to joined their musical talents to create the compilation and distribute it by a tree system. One people do some copies to others who did copies to others and so on.

In the Dreamwatchers’ Tales project there are musicians from Germany, UK, Canada, USA, Brazil, France…

In the very first volume, “Dweller at the Threshold” do their debut as such as “Free System Project”. In the second volume, the famous musicians and manager from AMP Records Mark Jenkins did his contribution. There a lot of musicians who released regularly their albums on professional label like “Olyam” (see Musea label in France).

Dreamwatchers’ Tales is now at the sixth volume with a DVD full of videos from the contributors (coming soon).

Most of the videos were directed by Darklion with illustrations by Yannick Edom who co-manages and designs the project.

Check out the Tadream site for Dreamwatchers’ Tales 1 & Dreamwatchers’ Tales 2.

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