Matthew G Davidson: A Monome Glitchtronica Take On Harold Budd

I’m a massive Budd & Eno fan. The Pearl & Ambient 2: The Plateax of MIrrors are two of the most gorgeous and important works of ambient music.

So I was excited to see music blogger Matthew G Davidson (Stretta) offer his take on the classic work of Budd & Eno. Here’s a little background on the piece, Where Abundance Lies:

This is the first time I’ve worked with tehn’s mlr. I’ve seen fantastic uses of mlr in a wide range of styles. It is the signature monome application.

A while back, a programmer friend at work opened up the source code for a freely-available application, modified and recompiled it to serve his needs better. This stirred some feelings of envy in me as a non-programmer. How great would it be to take a mature application and make a few tweaks to make it perfect for your needs? Well, if you’re familiar with mlr, you may be able to tell I made a few tweaks. Huge thanks to Brian Crabtree for making such a great application and keeping it open.

If you’re not following Stretta yet, make sure you check it out!

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