Prosoniq OrangeVocoder 10th Anniversary AudioUnit Edition

Prosoniq has announced the availability of the 10th Anniversary AudioUnit Edition of OrangeVocoder.

The new version offers 8 sound modes, 32 voices and over 60 presets.


  • Realtime Vocoder effect usable as either a Master or Track Effect, uses either any input source/audio track or the built in oscillator as carrier signal, and any audio track as modulator
  • Integrated 32-voice virtual analog synthesizer with 2 oscillators per voice featuring 10 basic wavefoms and 7 sampled sounds, voice detune, pitch LFO, 4-pole Lowpass filter with cutoff and resonance, oscillator hard sync and ring modulator
  • Graphic 10band EQ with analyzer
  • 8 distinct sound modes
  • HF Passthrough, Voiced/Unvoiced detection with noise generator
  • Filterband freeze
  • post-Vocoder Filterbank Reverb Effect with Mix, Decay and Density
  • Fully MIDI controllable
  • 8 different sound modes (OrangeVoc3, Classic Orange, Colorize, 3x Multi-Resolution, 2x analog simulation)
  • More than 60 presets
  • “Randomize” functionality to create random patches
  • Hall Reverb + “Phat” Mode
  • Synth remote control for hosts that do not support Cocoa AudioUnit plug ins
  • See this list for Cocoa AudioUnit compatible hosts

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