DJ Plasma Light Reacts To Sound

Gadget.Brando.Com.HK has a DJ Plasma Light that reacts to music to create an interactive light show.

They are super-cheap – $18. Cheap enough to tempt me to get several.

Let me know if you’ve used these and, if so, what you think.


  • DJ Plasma Indication Tube
  • ON/OFF power switch
  • Lightning or Music/Sonic switch
  • Music/Sonic with Line in
  • Adjustable tube lamp lightning strength level with a knob
  • Universal usage
  • Tube Length: 39 cm
  • Tube made of glass

Package Included:

  • 1 pc DJ Plasma Indication Tube
  • 1 pc Universal Adaptor
  • 1 pc Line in cable

One thought on “DJ Plasma Light Reacts To Sound

  1. I had three one them. Reb/Blue/Green. Amazing and funny, realy. But REALY fragile. Like i’ve tried to clean one from the dust, and it got borken=))

    That is in side? What the wire? How this thing works???=))

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