Boss Space Echo Reincarnates Classic Electronic Music Tape Effects

I’ve had my eye on the Boss RE 20 Space Echo, which is based on the classic Roland RE201 tape echo, for a while.

The RE 20 Space Echo basically reproduces many of the effects that are possible using an analog tape delay, but does it in a reliable, affordable digital package.

This video shows a Moog Voyager running through the Space Echo and some of the effects that are possible.

If anybody has experience modulating the tap input with a CV trigger, let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Boss Space Echo Reincarnates Classic Electronic Music Tape Effects

  1. i own both (the pedal and the original) and i can tell you that i do love the pedal. but sorry, it does not compare much to the big old box. i don’t think anything can, but the pedal does a pretty good job of getting you to that “feel”, the sloppiness of magnetic particles and worn heads. each one of those old machines, just like any analog device, has it’s own personality, which cannot be duplicated even in the “exact” same machines. but the pedal is great, and sounds wonderful with everything from a guitar to an evlover to a virusTI. it really adds some warm soupyness to anything passed thru it. which i guess was the real point.

  2. oops – mean to say that i’m not sure about the “tap input” you brought up. it does have an exp pedal input, which is fun. also wanted to say it’s hella easier to haul around, and much more reliable, than dragging the old box for sure!

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