Moog Little Phatty Update

Moog Little Phatty Stage EditionMoog has announced an update to the operating system for the Moog Lttle Phatty:

Happy Birthday, Dr. Robert Moog!

Moog Music is pleased to present the latest operating system for the LP Stage Edition; version 2.00!

As many of you are excruciatingly aware by now, this update includes new features such as an arpeggiator with MIDI sync (and MIDI note output from the arp), MIDI sync-able LFO, Tap Tempo, and a whole new bank of tasty presets ranging from pure vintage tones to the ultra-modern.

<click here for the Firmware Update Utility for Windows>

<click here for the Firmware Update Utility for Mac OS (intel mac only)>

<click here for the sysEx file – only if you have an older Mac. Otherwise use one of the above Firmware Update Utilities.>

UPDATE! command-line updater for LP Stage Edition OS 2.00. Runs under Windows. May work where the graphical Windows installer does not (especially with USB MIDI interfaces).

OK, try this out, have fun… READ THE INSTRUCTIONS before doing the update… make 100% certain you have the latest drivers installed for your MIDI interface before attempting the update; I can’t stress this enough.

Please use this thread to post your questions and comments about the new OS, and let me know if you have any troubles with the update process. I’ve tested it pretty thoroughly and it should be a smooth ride.



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