Free Album Download: Gameboy Madrigals

What happens when you combine age-old contrapuntul style with Gameboys?

One possibility is Joey Mariano’s Gameboy Madrigals:

Early composers of the madrigal used only two to three voices to create counterpoint. Realizing the opportunity for reinterpretation through the gameboy sound chip, Joey Mariano set out to create a body of chiptune madrigals inspired by early RPG games, Japanese folk melodies, and masters of the madrigal such as Francesco Landini. A definite departure from his traditional approaches, Animal Style’s Gameboy Madrigals release strives to create a mood relying on melody and counterpoint instead of an ever-present, never-ending, bleed-your-ears-dry dance beat.

Gameboy Madrigals is a free album download.


01 Soldered Lovers
02 Plastic Penchant
03 Sentimental Secular Anomaly
04 Medieval Blues
05 Trecento 2008
06 Tokyo Cornfield in Antigravity
07 Gather ‘Round Retrograde
08 NiMH Melisma

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