Atomic Pulse – Multiverse

Multiverse is a collection of psytrance tracks from Israel’s Atomic Pulse, aka Tamir Ozana. 

It’s a dual CD collection that’s made to order for fans of psychedelic trance. The first CD is Atomic Pulse’s take on tracks by Infected Mushroom, Skazi, Astrix, Protoculture, Fatali, Shanti, G.B.U and Pop Stream. Atomic Pulse’s production is first rate, and the tracks are seriously propulsive. 

The second CD features multiple remixes of Atomic Pulse’s New World Order, from Echotek, Brisker & Magitman and Protoculture. Treat this is as a bonus CD. While the remixes are fine, the “new world order” sample was new about ten years ago. It’s interesting to hear the different remixers’ takes on the track, though. 

Highlights of the CD include Drive In – which is sort of a prototypical psytrance track; and Into Orbit, which takes psytrance into world music territory. There’s lots of intersting trance synth work throughout the CD, and Atomic Pulse never stops for a breather, cranking out 10 driving beats after another. 

You can find out more about Atomic Pulse at his MySpace page.


CD 1 :

1. G.B.U – Pura Vida(Atomic Pulse RMX)

2. Atomic Pulse – New World Order part.2

3. Protoculture – Driven(Atomic Pulse RMX)

4. Skazi – Revolution(Atomic Pulse RMX)

5. Astrix – Solaris part.1(Atomic Pulse RMX)

6. Infected Mushroom – Cities Of The Future (Atomic Pulse RMX)

7. Shanti – Even Star (Atomic Pulse RMX)

8. Pop Stream – Into Orbit (Atomic Pulse RMX)

9. Oforia – Spiders (Atomic Pulse Rmx)

10. Fatali – Flip (Atomic Pulse Rmx)

CD 2:

1. New World Order Pt.2 – Radio Mix

2. New World Order Pt.2 – Protoculture RMX

3. New World Order Pt.2 – Echotek RMX

4. New World Order Pt.2 – Brisker & Magitman Rmx

5. New World Order Pt.2 – Video Clip 

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