The Quantix-8 Synth Module

The Quantix-8 module is a CV Quantizer / Wavetable Oscillator based on a 4Mbits Static RAM memory and a PIC microcontroler with a full MIDI implementation.

The memory contain 2048 waveforms of 256bytes organized into a matrix of 32 Banks x 64 Waves.

The Quantix-8 is a very polyvalent 7 in 1 module

  • CV-Quantizer
  • Wavetable Oscillator
  • Sample player LoFi 8bits
  • CV-Sequencer
  • MIDI to CV/GATE interface
  • 128 Harmonics Additive Synthesis
  • Fast Zero Crossing detector

Other features:

  • Memory and parameters are fully editable in ‘real time’ by MIDI system exclusive messages
  • Freeware Quantix-8 MIDI editor for PC Windows 98/ME/XP ( and soon for MAC OS …)

The Quantix-8 is controled by any combination of

  • CV or analog modulations (lfo, vco, etc …)
  • Gates/ pulsed clocks assigned to internal counters with multiples reset systems…
  • MIDI messages of all kinds : notes, controlers, midi clock, sysex ..

The Quantix-8 is a DIY synth project made up of a PCB & firmware pic, for 48 euros.

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