Peter Gabriel Launches The Filter Music Discovery Site

Peter Gabriel has announced the launch of The Filter, a personalized discovery engine for digital entertainment content.

Its aim is to make sense of the overwhelming amount of digital content available on the web by filtering out the stuff that an individual probably wouldn’t be interested in and filtering in the stuff they would be interested in – all based on their tastes and moods.

In other words, it could recommend music that you are likely to be into, based on the stuff you’re into and the artists that you’re into.

“I’m a tired thumb person, I’m a channel clicker. Maybe it’s a male thing. I know there’s good stuff I’d love to watch out there but I don’t want to search all the time,” says Gabriel.

via TechCrunch

3 thoughts on “Peter Gabriel Launches The Filter Music Discovery Site

  1. This site desperately needs to tie into and maybe even Netflix. I don’t want to sit there and rate albums and movies I’ve probably already rated elsewhere.

    Why can’t I just point it to my page and let it see what I am already listening to? Plug in my netflix queue feed and let it see what movies I am interested in.

  2. Chris – good point.

    I like the idea that I should be able to take the data that I generate at Amazon or other sites and have something like Filter build on that.

    I don’t like the idea of having to work or, worse, duplicate work I’ve already done, in order to get something from the site.

    Also the site was really slow for me.

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