Moog Guitar Lets Guitarists Get Their Moog On

I’ve been checking out the info and videos on the Moog Guitar, and it looks like keyboardists are probably dismiss this as an expensive guitar that can sustain notes, but guitarists are going to freak out and drool over it. 

It’s not really a guitar synth, but what it does is offer really expressive sustain, which could open up new worlds for the guitar.

This is something that keyboardist & synthesists may not immediately get, because most keyboards are pretty limited in what they can do, in terms of polyphonic expressive sustain. One exception is the CS-80, sought after for its polyphonic analog aftertouch, which lets you bring out individual notes in a chord in interesting ways. Few keyboards offer this. 

The Moog Guitar is getting criticized by many for its styling; the best thing for Moog to do might be to license the technology to a few known guitar makers. 

What do you think about the Moog Guitar? Anyone interested in getting one?


One thought on “Moog Guitar Lets Guitarists Get Their Moog On

  1. It doesn’t let “guitarists get their synth on.” It lets guitarists get their polyphonic sustain (or damping) on.

    I’m pretty disappointed that there is no 13-pin hex connector on this thing, which would allow for using a pitch to MIDI interface or other kinds of hex processing.

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