Buy A Magazine, Get A Free Synth

This is a cool idea: The August issue of Otona No Kagaku (Japanese for Adult Of Science) will be a synth themed edition called the Synthesizer Chronicle. It will feature interviews from Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tomita and Fumitaka Anzai.

With the magazine comes the SX 150 Gakken Analog Synthesizer – which appears to be a basic battery-powered synth toy!

Last year, the magazine published a theremin issue.

If anybody knows anything about availability of this magazine outside of Japan, let us know in the comments!

via SonicState

3 thoughts on “Buy A Magazine, Get A Free Synth

  1. yeah, i just heard about this too and searched all over the place for a way to get it . it’s a great idea. but like the write up says . if anyone knows how to get one if you aren’t in japan please put up a link!

  2. I bought this synth on ebay from the seller hobby_japan and i'm pretty sure it came with this magazine because it came with a thick book thing entitled "Synthesizer Chronicles" or somthing like that. Hope this helps.

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