Barack Obama Is A Synthesizer

Barack Obama

Over at Salon, Camille Paglia writes that Barack Obama is a synthesizer:

As an Obama supporter, I of course see things quite differently. Whatever his tactical assertions in the primary trenches, Obama seems to have an open and flexible mind. He is a conciliator and synthesizer, ready to give due respect to opposing views — a grace desperately needed in paralyzed Washington. When the camera comes close — as it did last week when CNN’s terrific Candy Crowley tenaciously grilled him about Hillary Clinton’s prospects for the vice-presidency — his deliberative thought process is plainly visible. What a deft performance under high-stakes pressure: Obama was firm, authoritative and methodical without ever losing his warmth and geniality. The guy is smart as a whip. And his administration will be as good as its appointments. As for Michelle Obama, she is formidable, representing a bold, stylish feminism more authentically contemporary than the old, bellyaching, blame-the-males style of Hillary’s omnipresent cheerleader, Gloria Steinem.

Paglia joins the Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan in calling Obama a synthesizer

And while you still can’t play Lucky Man on Barack Obama, John McCain wants to sell you golf gear

One thought on “Barack Obama Is A Synthesizer

  1. The Barack Obama attempts to make sounds that will make me feel better about myself and distract me from asking, is this synth really up to par? It’s an articulate tool, but… still only a tool.

    Too bad McCain has a more moderate voting record then the utlra-partisan, divisive, racist Obama could ever have. Too bad.

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