Free Album Download: A Towering Achievement Of Indescribable Beauty

Ready to chill out for the weekend with a bit of ambient music?

Then check out Matthew Davidson’s gorgeous new release, A Towering Achievement of Indescribable Beauty. It’s a collection of piano improvisations, recorded May 27th – June 11th 2008, between 8:20 and 8:50am each day.

Here’s what Davidson has to say about the album:

There is only one preset on a piano. However, that didn’t stop the synthesist in me from attempting to simulate orchestration by processing elements to shape the sound into something ensemble-like. I used EQ, reverbs, delays, phase-vocoding, creative fading, reversed audio, etc… It isn’t processed to the extent of something like One of the Most Interesting Kinds of Sounds, but the uninitiated may think I sweetened with synthesizers. I didn’t. Just the piano.

It’s really lovely music – especially for Budd/Eno fans.

Preview one of the tracks, Plain and Broken, below:


You can download the full release from Davidson’s site. It’s free, and released under a Creative Commons license, so you can share it with your friends or put it in a podcast.

3 thoughts on “Free Album Download: A Towering Achievement Of Indescribable Beauty

  1. I own both “Plateaux” & “The Pearl” and love the spacing in the music (as in your music). I remember trying to emulate Eno’s and Budd’s styles for a long time. Thanks for keeping this deeply evocative music in the atmospheres. The recordings are serene and life-giving. Martin V

  2. Truly beautiful music. I actually listened to it last night on my iPod while in bed. Lulled me into a nice deep sleep that I hadn’t had for some years now, being a father to three little boys. 🙂 To me, it didn’t sound at all as if synths would have been used, but then I wouldn’t count myself as one of the uninitiated that Davidson mentions. This album will definitely get lots of play in my iPod. Thanks for sharing.

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