Source Audio Shiping Soundblox Pedals

Hot Hand effects

2008 Summer NAMM Show: Source Audio is shipping its new line of Soundblox effects pedals. Source Audio will also provide a free Hot Hand wired sensor pack with the Soundblox Wah, Phaser and Flanger while supplies last.

Based on the Hot Hand Wah Filter and Hot Hand Phaser/Flanger effects systems, the new Soundblox Tri-Mod Wah, Tri-Mod Flanger and Tri-Mod Phaser pedals each offer 11 different effects that feature the same high quality sounds as their predecessors. The effects on these products can be modulated by either a Hot Hand motion sensor, an LFO or an Envelope Follower.

All Soundblox effects feature 56-bit DSP co-developed with Analog Devices and 24-bit A/D D/A converters.

MSRP for the Soundblox pedals is $149.99.
MSRP for the Hot Hand Wireless Adapter & Controller is $150.
MSRP for the Hot Hand Wired Controller is $24.95

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