Wii Balance Board + Audiosurf + Motion Controls = Awesome

Need an excuse to blow a bunch of money on WII stuff?

Here you go:

BodySurf is a script for GlovePIE that rigs up the Wii Balance Board to play Audiosurf, the music game that lets you ride the boogie.

It is full-featured, with a strong focus on player immersion and ease of user interface. The controls are simple and intuitive: the player moves by leaning from side to side on the balance board, and most character abilities are activated by motion controls.

The system requirements are fairly simple: you need only a Wii Balance Board, a computer with Bluetooth, and a Wii Remote (which you probably have if you have a Balance Board anyway.) You also (obviously) need a copy of Audiosurf, which is $10 on Steam.

Mono Pro: Hold A+B on the Wiimote to scoop all three lanes. To jump, simply jump up off the balance board. (See warnings.)

Pointman: Hold A+B to pick up a block or powerup, release to let go of it. To get the hint arrows, point the Wiimote vertically – after all, you need to raise your hand when you want help 😉

Vegas: Shake the Wiimote (like you’re getting ready to roll dice) to deploy your powerup.

Eraser: Hold A+B on the Wiimote to erase.

Pusher: Point the Wiimote to the left or right to indicate which direction to push.

Ninja Mono: Hold A+B on the Wiimote to scoop all three lanes, and thrust the Wiimote forward to throw a shuriken.

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