Midify Anything

Division 6 is shipping Midify, a tiny board that can add a MIDI port to just about anything. 

It’s $35, and can be installed directly into a GBA, GBA-SP, DS or DS Lite, or with some extra parts you can interface it with other devices.



  • 12 outputs
  • Outputs can be active-high or active-low
  • Map any MIDI note to any output
  • Mono and Poly modes
  • High-note and low-note priority modes
  • Assign to any MIDI channel or Omni
  • Pause mode ensures that first note is released before next is played
  • Board dimensions: 1.04″ x .4″
  • Power supply: 3.3v-5v
  • Includes 2.5mm phone jack for mounting in small devices


  • Midify board
  • 2.5mm phone jack
  • MIDI cable (2.5mm pone plug to standard MIDI plug)
  • Double-sided tape
  • 30AWG wiring kit


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