Moog Guitar Demo

This video, via SOS, is a demo of Moog Musics new Moog Guitar:

The Moog Guitar has two outputs: one conventional quarter-inch jack that’s fed by piezo saddle pickups, and one five-pin XLR, which connects to a special active pedal. Power is fed up the cable to the components in the guitar body, and audio signals are sent back down to the pedal, where the second output, another quarter-inch jack socket, is located. 

At the heart of the guitar are two Moog-designed pickups, which can be set to excite or mute the strings of the guitar. This means, in practice, that the guitar is capable of producing a vast array of sounds, from infinite sustain to muted plucking, using nothing but electromagnetic power, which Moog call ‘Vo Power’, after co-designer Paul Vo. The Moog Guitar also has the much-loved Moog ladder filter built-in, giving the player that unmistakable Moog sound. 

There are three modes of operation: Full Sustain applies infinite sustain on every string; Controlled Sustain analyses which strings that you’re playing and sustains those in use, while muting others; and Mute mode saps the energy from the strings, creating a muted sound. 

The Paul Vo Collector Edition of the Moog Guitar will retail for $6495 in the USA. 

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