Awesome Open-Source Interface Modules

There’s a new interface project to watch at that looks to be like Legos for computer interfaces:

In spite of all the smart, multifunctional and state-of-the-art controllers that are commercially available today, there has always been demand for custom physical interfaces and specialized controllers. That’s why we have developed a modular prototyping platform. The prototyping modules are aimed at researchers, artists, musicians, circuitbenders and performers who want to use high quality controls without spending too much time on manufacturing or trying to find a suitable enclosure.

Machinecollective understands your needs and we’re here to help you out! We are working on a range of modules based on frequently used components, sensors and indicators. The prototyping modules are designed to work with development platforms such as Arduino and Wiring. The modules can also be used for other purposes such as circuitbending, DIY synths, analog sequencers or plain old electronics projects.

The modular prototyping concept is based on rapid prototyping taken to a higher level: configure, assemble, connect and interact.

  • A specialized controller is required for your application, project or installation.
  • Select the modules you need (or create new modules and share them with the community).
  • Order them through our site, or source/create your own.
  • Build, connect and configure your control surface using your favorite development platform.
  • Test the new controller in your setup / environment.
  • It will be possible to have a custom control surface manufactured, based on the modules you have used in your prototype.
  • Store your prototyping modules for future projects or continue to use your modular control surface in your setup.

Prototyping modules consist of 3 configurable components:

  • Acrylic top panel (with/without components)
  • Aluminium base (with/without machined holes and connectors)
  • Acrylic bottom panel (with/without mounting options for pcb’s)
  • They are currently developing modules with components such as potentiometers, slide potentiometers, buttongrids, toggle switches, lcd’s, FSR/LDR’s, velocity sensitive pads, touchscreens, etc.

These look like they will be a great new approach to control surfaces.

3 thoughts on “Awesome Open-Source Interface Modules

  1. amoeba – I’m with you – this looks completely awesome.

    i don’t know if I need 16 xy pads, but it will be great to make your own setup. Let’s hope it doesn’t cost too much!

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