Would You Pay $55,000 For A Turntable?


You’ve still got some money left after getting that $24,000 Avid Acutus turntable?

Then you may want to check out the new Thorens Jubilee turntable:

 The Jubilee is a cost-no-object design that puts it firmly in the camp of ‘the world’s best ever’ vinyl replay machines. The Jubilee celebrates 125 years of the Thorens name and allowed the company to indulge themselves to create the ultimate Thorens ‘turntable without limits’, It weighs in at a substantial 58kg, the platter alone weighing some 11kg.

Retail price is expected to be £28,000 – or about US $55,000!

One thought on “Would You Pay $55,000 For A Turntable?

  1. Nowadays, it wouldn’t surprise me if some would find a way to justify spending $50,000.00 on a turntable, but not $6,500.00 on the Moog Guitar.

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