Tweakbench Updates Free VST Instruments And Effects

Aaron Rutledge, the guy behind Tweakbench synths, has announced that he’s updated all of his free VST synths and effects:

all the plugins have a point release, updating many little things, and keeping things up to date. all of the cycler series, and everything using any granular processes should perform a bit better now, and i’m just a few days away from the newest addition to the family 😉

If you’re a PC user and you’re not familar with the Tweakbench line up, this could be a great time to check out the nearly two dozen free synths and effects that Rutledge has put together.

2 thoughts on “Tweakbench Updates Free VST Instruments And Effects

  1. My question is – why can’t these be compiled for Intel Macs?

    Seems like this would be a lot easier than in the PPC days.

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