The Sound Design Of Wall-E

This is a Pixar promo – but it takes an interesting look at the sound design of Wall-E.

Andrew Stanton, Jim Morris, and Ben Burtt share their process for creating the sound of a sci-fi animated feature.

6 thoughts on “The Sound Design Of Wall-E

  1. Very cool to cactch a glimpse of how the sound effects were done. My wife, eldest son, and I saw Wall-E yesterday and it was fantastic. I especially loved the sound effects and the score. And seeing that he’s working on a Mac explains why I heard a familiar sound emanating from Wall-E himself! 😛

  2. I couldn’t imagine even beginning to think about scoring this. The insane pressure, the million cues, the need to be bleeding edge. What I saw here was the combination of consummate professionals engaged in in their craft. Cannot underestimate the characteristic of just ‘playing’ with what you do. So much creative potential is released that the pressure is almost gone from the experience. We can all learn from these guys who have so much fun in what they do and respect each other’s roles in the process.

  3. I just made it to see this last night, and it’s a great movie on many levels, but it’s not a “fun” movie on the level of Toy Story. The sound design and music were both very good, but they were generally subtle enough that you didn’t notice them.

  4. 40 min demonstration of Ben Burtt how he made all the Wall-E sounds and what he bought on eBay to get new sounds. If you’re a fan of Wall-E and Star Wars, I really recommend watching some of this. Links from my site – Learning Space dedicated to the Art of Film Sound Design: “Ben Burtt demonstrates how he made Wall-E” and “Sound Design of Star Wars” and much more

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