GenoQs Nemo Sequencer Now Available

Nemo SequencergenoQs Machines has released Nemo, a new hardware MIDI sequencer.

Nemo builds on the tradition of real-time MIDI sequencing of GenoQs’ Octopus.


  • 90+ Tactile switches and 9 endless encoders for interactive access
  • 93 LEDs (tri-color) used to display both numeric and quantitative data
  • 64 pages (i.e. “patterns”)
  • 4 tracks per page, 16 steps each
  • 4 concurrent pages, i.e. 16 concurrent tracks
  • Page tracks freely chain-able to structures of up to 64 steps
  • Per track velocity, pitch, length and start factors, MIDI channel and CC
  • Individual clock multiplier/divisor per track
  • Individual and editable runtime directions per track
  • Polyphonic steps, of up to 7 notes (chords or multi-trigger)
  • Track self modulation, via step events
  • Cross modulation of tracks (via the Effector)
  • MIDI note and CC recording and playback per track
  • 32 MIDI channels via 2 dedicated MIDI ports

Nemo is available now for €1399.

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