Kylie Honored By Prince Charles For Being Scorchingly Hot Dance Diva

OT: Australian dance Diva Kylie Minogue became an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) Thursday, receiving the award from heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles at a ceremony in London.

“It is an incredible honour for me to receive this award,” said Kylie. “It makes me feel both humble and proud to be recognized for doing a job that I love so much.”

Speaking after the ceremony to the waiting press Kylie admitted to feeling a little nervous but added “I was very excited and to have my family here was magical… I do feel very proud. I think my job, aside from making music, is about communication and this symbolizes my communication with my audience around the world.”

Of her medal, Kylie said: “I’ll admire it for a while, and then keep it safe in its box!”

I’m not sure why Kylie was singled out for honor by Prince Charles, but I’m guessing it’s because he’s a fan of this great Kylie/New Order mashup – Can’t Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head:

2 thoughts on “Kylie Honored By Prince Charles For Being Scorchingly Hot Dance Diva

  1. Past the pop sheen, Kylie is just an amazing individual. Being a guy not too keen on pop, she rally made a marvelous impression with her fight against breast cancer and her continuing exploration of electronic music production. So glad to hear she was honored in this way.

  2. grfx303 – great points, though the contrast of her scorchingly hot image with Prince Charles’ English reserve is a strange combination.

    She’s vowed to tone down her image, though, and act her age, which may be a first for dance divas.

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