Akai MPD24 Controller Gets Firmware Update

Akai Professional has released updated firmware for the MPD24 USB/MIDI Pad Controller.

Offering improved transport functionality, v1.09 is the second update to the original release of MPD24 firmware. A complete document of release notes is also available for review at www.AkaiPro.com.

Owners can update their MPD24 firmware by selecting the Docs & Downloads section of the MPD24 product page on the company’s website. Users may download the 44 kb zip file at no charge. The firmware is installed to MPD24 via a USB-connected Mac running OS X or later, or a PC running Windows XP or later.

Designed for use with Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), sequencing, and other software applications, MPD24 is a velocity sensitive USB/MIDI pad controller. The MPD24 allows users to program drum parts in a much more intuitive and natural way than by simply playing them on a keyboard. With its array of knobs and sliders, the MPD24 allows users to control parameters on their favorite DAW or software synths, offering incredible real-time control.

8 thoughts on “Akai MPD24 Controller Gets Firmware Update

  1. The preview mode sounds awesome (all these things should have it) but what about the Transport Controls, can they not be assigned manually?

  2. I just upgraded my firmware to 1.10 on my mac tower g4 running 10.4 and midi mapping works just fine in ableton live 7. When I plugged it into my new macbook running 10.5.6 it lost all the midi mapping. Is 1.10 comaptible with 10.5?

  3. akai sucks ass for leaving everybody high and dry after they buy their shit.. I cant find the 1.10 patch ANYWHERE… i'm ready yo throw the fucking mpd 24 in the trash. DONT BUY THE MPD 24!!!!!

  4. I need the newest firmware for MPD 24 which i think is 1.10 is there anywhere on the net that i can still get it ? please respond.

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